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Real Estate/Property Management

Real estate development and property management are complex industries, requiring specialized knowledge of banking and regulatory requirements, as well as accounting and tax guidelines. We assist developers, investors and property managers in negotiating contracts, obtaining financing, minimizing taxes, improving business operations and proactively addressing other real estate-related financial issues.

At Grossman Yanak & Ford LLP, our professionals understand your specific industry challenges. We will help you deal with changing economic and market conditions, investment structures, tax regulations and incentives, and evolving accounting standards. Our clients include real estate investors, property owners, commercial and residential real estate developers, property managers and construction companies.

The specific opportunities and challenges facing the real estate/property management industry require accountants and advisors with a sophisticated level of knowledge and experience. We provide the following services to real estate and property management clients:

Assurance & Advisory

Tax Advisory & Compliance

Valuation & Litigation Support

Management/Technology Consulting