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Full Range of Services for Many Applications

The Grossman Yanak & Ford LLP Business Valuation & Litigation Support Services Group is comprised of some of the most experienced and highly-trained advisors and consultants in the region. We provide a wide breadth of valuation-related and litigation support services across a broad spectrum of applications.  Learn more

Business Valuation

Business valuation requires an intimate understanding of the attendant ownership interest to be valued, the operating business to which that ownership interest belongs, the industry within which the business operates, and the value influences on the business imposed by economic fluctuations, both regionally and nationally. The process is one of assimilating, interpreting and analyzing theoretical elements of accounting, taxation, statistics, economics and accepted business valuation guidance and applying the findings to a specific ownership equity or operating interest.  Learn more

Litigation Support

Litigation support can be as varied as the facts and circumstances on which the litigation is based.  In all instances, however, the core of our involvement rests with the assessment, identification and quantification of economic losses and damages arising from an alleged wrong doing. Like business valuation, this process requires the same focus on the theoretical elements of accounting, taxation, statistics and economics and incorporating all appropriate aspects of this theory into the specific fact situation.  Learn more

Our Services

A sample of our Business Valuation & Litigation Support Services: