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Business Valuation

Valuing a privately held business or business interest requires specialized skills, experience and relevant credentials from business valuation organizations. Gone are the days of simplistic analyses based on rules of thumb withstanding the scrutiny of litigation or the IRS. Rules of thumb are rarely applicable to a specific business with its unique risks and financial attributes.

Our valuations incorporate a thorough analysis of the business in question and also examine the industry and economy in which the business operates by considering factors such as company risk profile, financial trends, cost of capital, capital structure, future growth, product mix, customer concentrations, profitability, and sustainable growth. When necessary, we perform detailed analyses to determine appropriate discounts for lack of marketability and control. We utilize the leading methods within the profession to arrive at our discounts for marketability and control, which enhances the credibility of our business valuations in litigation and upon IRS challenge.

Our professionals have encountered, and successfully addressed, many challenging issues of value in a variety of contexts. We have provided business valuation services to thousands of clients and their professional advisors – ranging from small, privately held businesses to multi-entity organizations with operations throughout the United States.

Our business valuation group has provided valuation services for many purposes, including: