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Bankruptcy Consulting & Valuation

Concerns over issues of value may seem counter-intuitive to many financially troubled companies. However, valuation, correctly applied, is critical to the overall assessment of solvency in many workout situations as well as compliance with bankruptcy and cancellation of indebtedness rules set forth in income tax statutes. In furtherance of these directives, consideration must be given to valuations prepared in a bankruptcy environment versus those prepared in more traditional engagements.

We understand the need for responsiveness in bankruptcy and turnaround scenarios and have the staffing available to produce work product in a timely fashion. Quality valuations are critical to both creditors and debtors in a bankruptcy proceeding. Bankruptcy or restructuring actions can often be uncharted territory for management. We work with legal and other advisors to help bring clarity and focus to the process. These services can significantly improve the chances of making a bankruptcy an efficient and positive business strategy.

Our advisory services in this area include, but are not limited to:

  • Business valuation for debt restructuring purposes
  • Business valuation in bankruptcy
  • Design and implementation of spin-off strategies
  • Fairness assessment of offers to buy or sell the company or its assets
  • Financial feasibility analysis
  • Fraudulent conveyance analysis
  • Identification and quantification of reports and analyses for fraudulent conveyances
  • Liquidation analysis
  • Litigation support within bankruptcy proceedings
  • Organization structure issues
  • Preferential payment analysis
  • Protection analysis
  • Reorganization plan analysis
  • Restructuring strategy development
  • Review of opposing expert’s reports and analyses for proper application of technical guidance
    and conceptual propriety
  • Solvency analysis
  • Valuations for minority investors in entities that are in the process of restructuring or are in liquidation