valuation, litigation support, GYF, Grossman Yanak & Ford, CPAs, accounting, PittsburghCommercial Activity Transaction Structure

At Grossman Yanak & Ford LLP, we recognize that the scope of valuation needs in commercial operations can span a wide spectrum of transactions. We recognize that the process of maximizing the value of your business; finding an appropriate buyer; structuring the transaction to minimize taxes; maximize economic benefits; or transferring wealth to the next generation can be overwhelming.

Consequently, we utilize our knowledge, experience and resources to help our clients make well informed, objective decisions throughout the transaction process. Our Business Valuation & Litigation Support Services Group has extensive experience in a variety of commercial activity valuation projects.

Some of our recent work has included:

  • Valuation of contract rights, business names, technical “know how” and other intangible assets for purposes of transfer to a Delaware Investment Holding Company as part of state income tax minimization strategies.
  • Valuation of intellectual property for purposes of developing economically appropriate royalty rates for expatriation and repatriation of earnings between a United States company and foreign related party
  • Valuation of company equity at prescribed dates, given alternative labor force wage levels and allowing for management understanding of long-term effects of labor negotiations on value

If you encounter an operational issue that might be resolved with a valuation solution, the GYF professionals are likely to have the answer.