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Income Tax Valuations

The proper reporting of income under the United States Internal Revenue Code requires value measurement under numerous provisions.

Some examples of income tax valuations performed by our professionals include:

  • Measurement of company value and per-share price in conjunction with the provision of non-cash compensation, including nonqualified stock options or warrants, as well as shares of stock provided as compensation for personal services
  • Measurement of value of property distributions to shareholders in corporate entities – appreciation and corresponding gains are taxed at the corporate level as if the property had been sold
  • Measurement of company value in conjunction with the corporate liquidation or an election to convert from C to S status – proper measurement of gain in these situations is critical to documenting value and paying the proper income tax

Bob Grossman and Don Johnston both hold Masters of Science degrees in Taxation. This training and experience in tax matters, in combination with their business valuation knowledge, ensures that our clients receive tax related valuation services of the highest quality!