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Intangible Asset Valuation Services

Understanding the value of an enterprise’s intangible assets can be crucial to strategizing and achieving the resolution of a business dispute, the settlement of a patent or copyright infringement, allocating the purchase price of an acquisition, and many other things. Grossman Yanak & Ford LLP has helped clients value a variety of intangible assets such as the value of computer software, patents, customer lists, business names, work forces, customer relationships, financial instruments, leasehold interests, and franchises.

We strive to provide value conclusions that are accurate, supportable, and meaningful. We help clients define project scope and timelines, manage all aspects of execution, and take hands-on approach during potential third party review process. In a typical engagement, we help identify intangible assets, determine the most appropriate valuation methodology, collect necessary internal and market data, and calculate economic values. Our clients receive detailed calculations and a narrative report supporting our analysis.

We thrive on building a consultative relationship by helping our clients achieve comfort and understanding of our valuations relative to regulatory standards and numerical procedures required to capture intangible values.

Below are some of the intangible asset valuation and consulting services provided by Grossman Yanak & Ford LLP’s Business Valuation Services Group: