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Expert Witness Testimony

Forensic accounting has become a vital facet of litigation. Increasingly, attorneys must document the numbers they rely upon to substantiate their damage claims. The growing partnership between CPAs and the legal community is evidenced by the diversity of situations requiring the calculations and expert testimony of forensic accountants.

All expert witness testimony related to business valuation and civil controversy is provided by the partners who lead the Business Valuation Services Group. Bob Grossman and Melissa Bizyak have earned impeccable credentials and national prominence in the discipline of business valuation. Their explanations of the valuation and reporting positions and addressing questions on the witness stand affords clients and legal counsel an opportunity to defend positions brought to trial.

Bob and Melissa have been qualified as experts in several states and carry all major professional accreditations in valuation. They have performed hundreds of business valuations and authored numerous technical articles and training materials.

Our partners can provide expert witness testimony and depositions in family law matters concerning spousal support, child support and property division as well as business law matters concerning shareholder disputes, partnership disputes, business valuations, economic damages, lost profits, insurance claims, breach of duty, alter ego and fraud.

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