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Matters of Civil Controversy

In matters of civil controversy intended to provide monetary relief to harmed parties, the calculation of economic detriment is critical to a fair and accurate resolution. Propriety and defensibility of these calculations are paramount, whether the matter is ultimately settled or goes to trial. Our Business Valuation Services Group has provided extensive assistance to clients in each of the following areas:

  • Business-owner splits — difficulties over interpretations of buy/sell agreements, the non-existence of such an agreement and owner departures under adversarial circumstances
  • Minority shareholder lawsuits — oppressed or minority shareholder actions (for and against) alleging harm imposed by controlling owner actions
  • Lost profits calculations — lost profit calculations for contract breach, non-competition agreement breach, patent and know-how infringement and unauthorized transfer of employees’ know-how with employment change
  • Economic damages calculations — determination of past and future income losses, fringe benefit values, life and worklife income expectancy and personal consumption calculations

Our services in these matters often include assisting legal counsel with discovery and development of direct and cross examination techniques and questions as well as strategy formation to illustrate key case components at trial.