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Attentive Service and Personalized Solutions

In an era where the Internal Revenue Code and regulations exceed 70,000 pages, the need for cutting edge tax advice and tax return preparation services goes without saying. You need to have the utmost confidence in the knowledge and capabilities of your tax service providers.

Utilizing a combination of ongoing professional education and extensive experience, our team of certified public accountants and tax specialists work to develop proactive tax planning strategies designed to minimize all taxes. We provide tax planning services and prepare tax returns for a broad range of individuals, businesses, and organizations across a variety of industries.

Because IRS rules and tax laws are so complex, and your specific personal and business circumstances change over time, you need attentive service from experienced professionals who you can trust. Our strength in developing effective tax strategies is enhanced by our in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs – not just offering generic tax options, but taking time to customize these solutions to your specific personal or business situation.

Ongoing involvement with your personal and business facts and circumstances, in combination with our tax team’s extensive experience and understanding of the laws affecting your tax situation, ensure that you receive the highest quality tax services available and that you always pay the absolute lowest amount of taxes required under the law!

Business Tax Services

In addition to optimizing your company’s current tax positions, our tax professionals have the technical expertise to assist you with structuring business combinations, forming new business start-ups and analyzing strategic investments. Learn more

Individual and Family Tax Services

Every individual income tax situation is as unique as the taxpayers to whom it belongs. Our professionals provide the personal attention and service required under ever-changing tax laws. Learn more

International Tax Services

Not all that long ago,  the  environment  of  international  operations  was  primarily  limited  to  the  biggest  and  most  lucrative companies. But now, with the evolution of the digital age and its profound effect on commerce, specifically electronic commerce, businesses and their employees find themselves touching many parts of the globe.  Learn more

State Taxes

State taxes are an important part of all taxpayer liabilities. We work with you to minimize these taxes through comprehensive planning. Our prompt responses to questions and timely completion of returns help keep you in compliance with the many state tax rules, regulations and court decisions. Learn more

Estate and Trust Services

Estate and gift tax planning should be customized to your personal situation and carefully monitored to respond to new tax law developments. This absolutely essential element of your overall tax strategy should be properly addressed so there are no surprises. Learn more…

Tax-Exempt Organizations

Tax-exempt status does not equate to tax simplicity. Complexities in these provisions of the law must be completely understood and adhered to in order to protect your exemption. Learn more

Representation before Authorities

Dealing with tax authorities can be very stressful. Our proactive approach is designed to help you avoid these situations; however, we provide guidance and representation if, and when, they arise. Learn more