Game Planning for New Year Should Include Your Accountant

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As you look forward to the new year, it is a good opportunity to take the time to review last year from a financial perspective. An easy way to start that process is to call your accountant to address some important details. A few items to be discussed during the conversation include:

  • Expectations, both yours and theirs. What services are to be performed? Has there been a change from the prior year? Is a different level of assurance required? Are there additional tax filings or fewer  than the previous year? Do you expect the accountants to work from your location or remotely?
  • Timing, again, both yours and theirs. When do you anticipate having the necessary information pulled together in order for the work to be performed? Has fieldwork been confirmed? What is your timing for receipt of deliverables including the financial statements, tax returns and other reporting requirements?
  • Recap of the past year and any concerns you have for the upcoming year. The most important and interesting part of the conversation, this topic will highlight items to be addressed in preparing financial statements and tax returns. It is a great opportunity to ask questions regarding the treatment of unusual accounting transactions or to address concerns regarding routine matters such as accounting software, internal controls or sales and use tax.

Starting the new year with a call to your accountant is probably not on anyone’s list of resolutions or goals, but it is an easy and productive way to move forward.

Call your GYF Account Executive at 412-338-9300 to begin the conversation.

Ryan Robin

Ryan Robin

Robin has served GYF’s clients for over two decades. She is committed to building lasting relationships in addition to providing high-quality professional audit services. Robin is passionate about serving not-for-profits, including our clients as well as organizations for which she volunteers.

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