Business Valuation & Litigation Support

Understanding value is essential for wealth management, exit planning, transactions and dispute resolution. Our experienced professionals provide valuation and litigation support services across a broad spectrum of applications.

Business Valuation & Litigation Support

Business valuations help business owners recognize the value of their greatest assets – their businesses. It is important to understand true market value in order to make good business decisions and plan for the future. Our qualified professionals help you determine what your business is worth and how you can enhance its value.

Determining value is a complex process that requires significant technical skills, experience and expertise. The GYF team works with individuals, business owners, lenders, attorneys and other advisors to produce reliable and defendable valuations.

We also provide litigation support services, including expert witness testimony, forensic accounting investigations and calculations used in court for marital dissolutions, lost profits and other legal matters.

Business valuation requires an intimate understanding of the attendant ownership interest to be valued, the operating business to which that ownership interest belongs, the industry within which the business operates, and the value influences on the business imposed by economic fluctuations, both regionally and nationally. 

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The services provided for litigation support can be as varied as the facts and circumstances on which the litigation is based. In all instances, the core of our involvement rests with the assessment, identification and quantification of economic losses and damages arising from an alleged wrongdoing. 

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We provide a wide array of business valuation and litigation support services across a broad spectrum of applications.

  • Accounting-based Valuations (GAAP and IFRS) 
  • Bankruptcy and Turnaround Consulting
  • Buy-Sell and Equity Owner Agreements
  • Commercial Activity Transaction Structure
  • Economic Damages and Lost Profits Calculations
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
  • Equity Value Enhancement
  • Estate, Gift and Inheritance Tax Strategies
  • Exit Planning
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Fairness Opinions
  • Income Tax Valuations
  • Intangible Asset Identification and Valuation
  • Marital Dissolution and Equitable Distribution
  • Matters of Civil Controversy
  • Merger/Acquisition/Disposition Transactions
  • Recapitalization for Growth and Diversification
  • Shareholder Disputes


Our professionals collaborate with the other GYF service groups to utilize additional resources in tax, assurance, transactions, and ERP solutions

Valuing a privately held business or business interest requires specialized skills, expertise and relevant credentials from business valuation organizations. The GYF Business Valuation & Litigation Support Services Group is comprised of some of the most experienced and highly-trained advisors and consultants in the region. 

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Business Valuation Services Team

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Professional Qualifications

Proven Experience

Long-recognized as an industry leader in Pittsburgh and the surrounding region, GYF’s national stature has grown as well, through our involvement in valuation matters across the country, including work performed for numerous publicly-traded companies. In that light, our deliverables have been presented to the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as various courts and federal and state agencies. We have extensive experience as testifying expert witnesses in legal proceedings and have worked as experts on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service.

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Professional Accreditation

A valuation professional should be able to demonstrate knowledge and competence through education, training and experience. Our professionals have completed a significant amount of coursework, training, report writing and testing, in addition to satisfying numerous other rigorous requirements to attain these accreditations. All team members carry at least one (team leaders hold several) of the following credentials.

Affiliation with the Financial Consulting Group (FCG)

In addition to our internal expertise, our firm is a member of the Financial Consulting Group (FCG), an elite organization of valuation professionals working within the accounting profession. Many of the most recognized names in the valuation industry are affiliated with FCG member firms. Membership in the FCG is by invitation only, and is based on specified criteria and experience. Our firm’s selection for the FCG demonstrates our Business Valuation & Litigation Support Group’s reputation in the industry for comprehensive knowledge in the field and services of the highest quality.

The FCG serves as a resource for our valuation professionals and broadens our technical research skills and industry reach. With each engagement, we can tap into the expertise, experience, and resources of the entire network of firms that serve a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from small business to large industrial and service organizations. The organization has specialists in various industries and valuation service areas, including auto dealerships, professional practices, healthcare, intellectual property, fairness opinions, litigation and tax.

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