ERP Solutions

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are critical to efficiently and effectively operate a business. We can assist with evaluation, selection and implementation of ERP solutions to improve the organizational performance.

ERP Solutions

At its core, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) enables employees do their jobs more efficiently by breaking down barriers between business units. ERP software also helps organizations to eliminate redundant processes and systems and dramatically lower the cost of doing business overall. Cloud-based ERP solutions are more affordable, easier to implement and manage, and provide real-time data. We have partnered with NetSuite to provide a full range of leading cloud-based ERP/Financial solutions.

The experienced GYF team leverages their expertise and knowledge to implement, customize, integrate and extend the NetSuite ERP solutions. Our consultants utilize their backgrounds in project management, accounting and information technology to help clients choose and build solutions to meet their needs.

We believe that each client is unique, and we take the time to understand your organizational needs and help you select the solutions to meet them. The GYF ERP Solutions team looks beyond what software and technology can do for your organization. We focus on improving your business processes with software and technology as a tool to achieve the mission and goals you envision. 

We do not take lightly the trust placed in us to implement, train and support our clients’ end users. Utilizing excellent client liaison skills and drawing upon our expertise, we ensure an efficient implementation and business process improvements to increase profits and reduce costs.

ERP Solutions Group Leaders

The GYF ERP Solutions Group is pleased to partner with NetSuite, the world’s most proven, trusted and deployed cloud-based ERP solution. NetSuite’s ERP solutions streamline mission-critical processes and reduce IT costs, allowing you to easily scale and future-proof your business with an agile platform that evolves as your needs change, regardless of size. Additionally, each NetSuite component is modular, enabling it to be deployed and integrated with existing investments. 

Learn more about the NetSuite ERP options to manage your Financial, HR, CRM and other business systems.

As a NetSuite Solution Provider, the GYF ERP Solutions team has extensive experience in business process improvements and software implementations. We look beyond what software can do for your organization – we focus on improving your business processes, using technology as a tool.

Drawing upon our expertise and client liaison skills, we ensure an efficient implementation and business process improvements to enable you to maximize your technology investment.

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The GYF ERP Solutions Team has extensive experience with ERP implementations in various industries, using both a traditional implementation approach and the NetSuite SuiteSuccess methodology. NetSuite provides solutions to address industry-specific challenges and adapt to a variety of requirements unique to your field. 

Whether for global software companies with advanced revenue recognition needs, manufacturers or wholesale distributors with multi-site inventory and production, professional services organizations with disparate professional services resources and complex multi-currency client billing, or a retail business with multiple channels, NetSuite offers the depth, breadth and flexibility of functionality to meet these needs.

Learn more about NetSuite’s industry-specific ERP Solutions.

GYF ERP Solutions Group

Learn more about GYF’s services and the NetSuite ERP Solutions we support.




Growth Driven

We only succeed when you do. Our services help you achieve growth at scale, improve collaboration, optimize the business with real-time data, improve productivity and cut costs.

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We believe each client is unique and we take the time to understand your needs and tailor the best solutions to them.

Future Proof

Our ERP Solutions team focuses on improving your business processes today with robust, sophisticated capabilities that equip you to reduce risk and capture opportunity tomorrow.

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Take control of your business processes with NetSuite’s Integrated ERP Solutions.

  • NetSuite CRM+ delivers true customer lifecycle management, from marketing and opportunity management, to order management, customer up-sell, cross-sell, renewal and customer service.
  • NetSuite ERP offers a modern, scalable solution to run all of your key back-office operations and financial processes in the cloud. NetSuite offers the widest array of solutions to manage your entire business, in one suite.
  • NetSuite Financial Management expedites daily financial transactions, accelerates the financial close and ensures compliance to provide real-time visibility into the financial performance of the business from a consolidated level down to the individual transactions.
  • NetSuite SuitePeople offers powerful functionality for organizations to manage their core human resources and workforce management processes, and an exceptional employee experience to complete most everyday tasks.
  • NetSuite OneWorld delivers an integrated and unified platform that seamlessly handles multiple currencies, taxation rules and reporting requirements across businesses’ multinational and multi-subsidiary operations.
  • Business Process Review: This is first step we undertake with each of our clients. By taking the time to review your processes, we can address any obstacles you are currently facing and ensure that the implementation provides improved future performance in all areas of your operations. The business process review can also uncover areas where you can increase efficiency, productivity and profitability. This process can be performed independent of an ERP implementation.
  • NetSuite Assessment and Sales: After we understand your needs and challenges, our consultants will help you select the correct solution. NetSuite offers a wide range of products that integrate seamlessly to provide a complete ERP solution to control your financial management and back-office operations.

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  • NetSuite Implementation & Configuration: Our project managers will develop an implementation timeline, which will include details on the work to be performed and a cost breakdown. We will ensure a smooth implementation process. The average NetSuite customer is typically able to implement its ERP system within three to six months when NetSuite Leading Practices are adopted. The complete implementation strategy will include: planning and preparation; configuration and data migration; and testing and training.
  • NetSuite Customization & Development: Although we generally stress the importance of adopting NetSuite’s Leading Practices, we recognize that some businesses have unique processes that are outside of the workflows that are addressed in any software solution. In these cases, the GYF ERP Solutions team has designed and implemented a variety of customized solutions for clients looking to use NetSuite features beyond those that are included in the standard configuration. We utilize our expertise to review your unique requirements and develop scripts, tools and customized dashboards, reports and settings to meet the needs of your organization.
  • NetSuite Optimization & Support: There may be opportunities for current NetSuite users to realize more value from your ERP systems as your organizations grow. The GYF ERP Solutions team can help you review your system processes and optimize the solution to meet your changing requirements. As a NetSuite Solution Partner, we can help you upgrade your system as needed and provide ongoing support after your implementation.

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  • NetSuite’s Financial Services application delivers proven, comprehensive business management capabilities built to handle change and complexity. While executing your business strategy and seeking new sources of revenue, NetSuite cloud business management suite takes you beyond traditional accounting software by streamlining operations across your entire organization and providing the real-time visibility you need to make better, faster decisions. The single, powerful solution enables financial institutions to proactively balance risk and opportunity across business processes.
  • NetSuite’s IT Services application can minimize administrative tasks for consulting firms while gaining valuable insights to improve realization rates, project profitability and client satisfaction. IT Services firms constantly face the challenge of optimally aligning staff while profitably delivering projects on time. Meanwhile, non-billable administrative tasks like resource management, invoicing and business planning eat up time and attention. While important, these tasks mean lost revenue or foregone personal time. NetSuite SRP provides a comprehensive, end-to-end Services Resource Planning solution.
  • NetSuite’s Manufacturing solution offers three add-on options to help you deploy the functionality to most closely match your manufacturing needs.
    • Work Orders & Assemblies works best for companies who do some light assembly but don’t need to track work in process or the labor separately.
    • WIP & Routings adds the ability to define work centers, routings, track labor costing, infinite capacity scheduling and provides a Gantt chart with drag-and-drop functionality.
    • Advanced Manufacturing provides capability for those looking for complete control of all aspects of their manufacturing processes including finite capacity scheduling, quality management and manufacturing execution.

  • NetSuite’s Professional Services solutions offer software for professional services organizations of all sizes and business needs. Because all NetSuite solutions are run in the cloud, your professional services firm gets support with online, offline and mobile access. Manage the complete Bid-to-Bill process of your services business with NetSuite’s leading Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution.
  • NetSuite’s Wholesale Distribution solution helps distribution companies to confront today’s changing consumer, technology and competitive landscapes. As more businesses and customers move online, monitoring channel and order profitability has become imperative. Yet, many distributors still rely on disconnected planning tools and spreadsheets, leaving business leaders without a single actionable view of the company. NetSuite helps distributors undergoing a rapid transformation to keep pace and stay relevant. Work Orders & Assemblies is available as an add-on option for traditional implementations (included with SuiteSuccess).

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