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Tax Insights
Anna Schatzel

Utilizing Higher Education Tax Benefits

With the growing costs of higher education, parents and self-financed students should be mindful of the education benefits available to them as they prepare to start a new school year.

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Ethan Dysert

Public Market Report – 1Q 2021

GYF’s Business Valuation & Litigation Support Services Group monitors the status of the U.S. public markets, in addition to other economic indicators. The first quarter of 2021 showed continued signs

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Logan Nawrocki

Economic Outlook – 1Q 2021

The Business Valuation & Litigation Support Services Group at GYF continues to monitor the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the U.S. economy. The vaccine rollout and the new

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Audit Insights
Jeffrey A. Ford

Auditor Independence and IT Services

New audit independence guidance becomes effective in January 2022 for U.S. audit firms that provide technology services. A few of the key issues related to this guidance are noted below.

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