Opportunity After Opportunity

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Joan Richardson
Accounting – Westminster College

I was thrilled the day I took my last Intermediate Accounting exam. The moment I handed it in, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. The very next moment my accounting professor mentioned an opportunity for sophomore accounting majors. With one foot already out the door, I stopped to listen.

My professor spoke of a student leadership conference with Grossman Yanak & Ford LLP that provided an insight to the field of public accounting. The only downside, he explained, was a quick deadline. Resumes were due by the end of the day. “Challenge accepted,” I thought. After submitting my resume, I had a phone interview with a former Westminster College alum. We instantly connected.

Fast forward a few weeks, to when I arrived at GYF eager to learn. Initially nervous that I did not know enough about accounting, I realized the leadership conference was the perfect way to dip my toes in the field of public accounting. The conference provided the opportunity to meet the staff, practice accounting test work, and learn about the CPA exam. Who knew three days at a leadership conference would have such a lasting impact on my career?

While attending the student leadership conference, I learned of possible internship opportunities for the summer of 2017. I was so excited to hear of the opportunity that I quickly scheduled an interview. I was thrilled to be offered a GYF intern position.

On the first day of my internship, I was just as nervous as I was on the first day of the leadership conference. As each day passed, I began to feel more comfortable with GYF as I gained experience. I fondly remember a day spent on a client visit where we talked about the CPA exam, college experiences, and daily routines, all while completing test work. On this day, I realized I had no need to be nervous. I instantly felt at home at GYF because the people I worked with made me feel as if I was one of their own.

 It was an honor to learn from those who welcomed me with such support, motivation, and experience. I am extremely grateful for every lesson I have learned from GYF. 

To the future interns considering GYF, my advice is to absorb everything. Utilize those who are willing to help you, take advantage of the information they share, and learn from their stories. These are kind, dedicated, and insightful people who desire to have their student interns become the best accountants they may possible be.