Management Consulting

Businesses often encounter situations requiring financial expertise beyond their internal capacity. GYF’s consultants offer specialized expertise to serve as independent advisors to assist your management team in a variety of areas.

Consulting Services

Our management consulting services are intended to supplement your internal skills and resources. GYF provide strategic insights on how to address daily challenges with effective solutions and recommend ways in which your operations may be improved to sustain and enhance your success.

The GYF professionals have extensive experience in various consultative arenas and serve as independent advisors to assist your leadership team. We offer a considerable array of technical capabilities which your organization can access.

GYF values long-term client relationships so that we can truly understand your current operations as well as your future aspirations. We serve as trusted advisors to help you manage and grow your business.

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GYF’s experienced professionals have assisted clients with numerous corporate mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Our goal is to provide objective, timely and cost-efficient transaction services. 

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During the course of our firm’s history, we have provided significant audit, tax and other services to subsidiaries of larger corporations. Often, our firm is engaged to perform these services because of our expertise in an industry, our proximity to the subsidiary, and the reasonable cost of our services. 

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The GYF ERP Solutions Group has extensive experience in business process improvements and software implementations. We look beyond what and ERP system can do for your organization – we focus on improving your business processes, using technology as a tool. We ensure an efficient implementation and business process improvements to enable you to maximize your technology investment.

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Quality of Earnings (Q of E) Reports

Conducting a Q of E study is an important part of the financial due diligence process for both buyers and sellers in transactions. Learn more from our CPE presentation.

Business Advisory Services

Transaction Services

Services to Subsidiaries

ERP Solutions Services

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Business Advisory Services

Our consulting services are designed to improve your business operations. We work with clients across a broad range of industries to help owners and management to develop and implement new strategies. Whether your company is a multi-generation family business or a new start-up venture, over the course of its lifecycle, you will require services that go beyond routine financial statement audits and tax compliance.

Our experienced professionals partner with you to assist and advise in a variety of areas that can enhance the efficiency and profitability of your business throughout various stages of development. A sample of our business advisory services include:

  • Cash flow modeling and analysis
  • Cost accounting system design and evaluation
  • Fixed asset accounting and system implementations
  • Forecasts and projections
  • Insurance program analysis

Transaction Services

Every transaction is different, and each party involved has unique objectives and considerations. We provide a wide range of transaction consulting services to meet these diverse needs. Our experienced professionals assist both buyers and sellers, and work collaboratively with their teams of advisors.

Learn more about GYF’s expertise related to the following specific transaction services:

Quality of Earnings Report

Conducting a quality of earnings (Q of E) study is an important part of the financial due diligence in the transaction process for both the buyer and seller. Lenders and investors often require a Q of E report prior to funding a transaction. In the Q of E process, an independent party analyzes an organization’s financial information to evaluate all the components of the company’s revenues and expenses to determine the economic earning power of the business and uncover potential investment risks. A company’s financial performance cannot be evaluated on net income alone, as other considerations may be relevant.

The Q of E report assesses the continuity of cash flows and working capitals, which will also play an important role in the valuation process. The Q of E report also discusses factors that include both positive and negative indicators of “quality” earnings and analyzes key business information for a specified historical period, including:

  • Normalized level of EBITDA and with identification of any addbacks and adjustments
  • Normalized levels of working capital needed to operate the business
  • Analysis of historic revenue trends and annual/monthly fluctuations
  • Analysis of scenarios and assumptions used in cash flow projections
  • Breakdown of revenue and gross margin by appropriate components
  • Determination of one-time vs. recurring expenses as well as fixed vs. variable costs
  • Analysis of impact of operating expenses and employee costs
  • Key balance sheet highlights
  • Evaluation of liabilities and operational risks
Structuring a Transaction

Properly structuring a corporate transaction can be a very difficult, time-consuming endeavor. It is critical that any deal be structured in a way that meets your financial needs and expectations and, at the same time, makes sense from a tax perspective. These objectives cannot be accomplished unless your advisory team understands your business needs and long-term goals as well as the tax law.

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Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Before you invest in a business, you want to have all of the knowledge required to make an informed decision. Based on the anticipated key elements of a transaction, GYF professionals collaborate with management to craft financial due diligence procedures that focus on factors that are most important in the deal.

When evaluating and investigating potential M&A transactions, we work closely with our clients and their advisers to: 

Following a successful closing, our services often include:

  • Post-closing dispute resolution

Before you sell, it’s important to conduct appropriate value planning to best position your business in the market and obtain an optimal sale price. A GYF advisor can help you prepare for a stress-free sale of your organization when you need to:

Services to Subsidiaries

Many of the parent companies of clients we serve are foreign-domiciled or incorporated entities that require services in the United States. We have worked with companies with headquarters in Austria, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland and Israel. Additionally, as a member of Geneva Group International, we access can further international expertise through our professional connections in countries across the globe.

GYF offers a full range of international tax services, and our professionals are adept at assisting foreign-owned companies in understanding the U.S. tax filing requirements at both the federal and state levels. Our expertise also includes assistance with tax planning matters, taking into consideration the overall tax structure of a consolidated group of companies. 

Our firm provide assurance services, in accordance with U.S. generally accepted auditing standards, to comply with local and/or international reporting requirements, often under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). These services are often supplemented with reporting packages that are
utilized to capture information for parent company requirements.

Additional GYF capabilities include specific agreed-upon procedures and transaction services related to the purchase or sale of companies or divisions, as well as valuation services and technology consulting.

ERP Solutions Services

The GYF ERP Solutions Group has partnered with Oracle NetSuite to offer a variety of products that are proven to address specific industry requirements and exceed industry standards. As a NetSuite Solution Provider, the GYF team has extensive expertise in business process improvements and software implementations.

We look beyond what software can do for your organization – our services focus on improving your business processes, using technology as a tool to enable you to maximize your technology investment. 

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